Maxthon Cloud Browser v5.3.8.2000

19 March 2020, 3:27 pm by antelove

Maxthon Cloud Browser v5.3.8.2000
Maxthon Cloud Browser v5.3.8.2000

Maxthon Cloud Browser is one of the most powerful browsers with Tab feature, Maxthon interface is quite flexible, special features make it different from other web browsers, Maxthon works on Internet Explorer engine and this That means you will find sites in Maxthon as you would see in Internet Explorer but with more features.

A key feature of the software Maxthon:

  • Ability Tabbed Browsing
  • Control by moving the mouse (by pressing the mouse button and moving the mouse in any direction just different steering Apply)
  • a special feature Drag & Drop
  • Remove advertise your Internet of
  • Software RSS Reader
  • Support for Internet Explorer Applications
  • External External Toolbars
  • Support for Various Skins
  • Tabbed Browsing Interface Multi-web Browsing in One Window : Maxton uses a robust tabular interface for browsing the web You can run Windows taskbar without crowdingOpen several sites together in one window. This makes browsing easier because information about the amount of space loaded from the site can be found at the top of the table
  • Mouse Gestures Mouse Expression Gestures: Command your browser with the mouse! By activating the mouse gesture feature you can command the browser by grabbing a mouse key and moving it to one side. The gestures represent another revolutionary mouse in the Internet browsing industry. Some people say it is like doing kung fu with a mouse.
  • Super Drag & Drop Special Drag & Drop: Maxston has revolutionized web browsing, so you just have to drag and drop a link to open it in a new tab, you can drop the link to any page you want, as well as text Select and drag anywhere the page is followed by your default internet search engine.
  • Privacy Protection Protecting Your Personal Information: You can erase passwords, cookies, and cookies recorded by the program with a few clicks, you can also set them to start or close Maxton cleared to keep track of your actions
  • Favorites: Maxston adds a Favorites bar to your application environment, which allows you to access the links folder in your Favorites folder or any folder you want.
  • AD Hunter - Annoying Internet Advertiser Sudden pages, floating pages, advertising images, flash ads, etc. are all annoying things, but get away with them all. This program can block all advertisements (even within the site) and get rid of them.
  • Support Googe lBar Full support for Google Toolbar: Can Google Toolbar be installed on any other browser than Internet Explorer? The answer is no, but for Maxston, the answer is yes, because Maxton fully supports the Google toolbar. External Programs Bar with Maxston You can run your own program with just a few clicks, and you can even set them to start and run with Maxton and also shut down with Maxton.
  • Skins Browser Skins Replacement: Maxston uses flexibility skins to make it look more beautiful with skins Icons are also changing The designers of this browser have put more than 300 skins on the site and users can choose And change the shell to their liking.
  • Keyword highlighter found by the search bar: With this feature, all search terms on the web are colored when the search is completed and will help the user get their answer.


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