Opera v66.0.3515 x86

12 March 2020, 3:23 pm by antelove

Opera v66.0.3515 x86/x64
Opera v66.0.3515 x86/x64

Opera the fastest internet browser on earth! This browser loads web pages for you with incredible speed. The basis of Opera's work is that the text of the site is first uploaded and then the photos are uploaded gradually , plus the photos are first displayed in low quality and are gradually added to the image quality.

Just try Opera once, you will no longer use Internet Explorer! Opera removes all limitations such as right-clicking, blocking page viewing, blocking text selection, and so on, enabling you to manually search and browse in full Pay the web. In addition, Opera Web Browser features such as email , chat and managementProvides the download for you. This browser is still the most popular browser among its users, adding features such as SpeedDial to access favorite web pages in series.

Opera Software Key Features :

  • Search Service Shortcut
  • Advanced Search All Site Search Advanced
  • Advanced Content Blocking - Smarter Pop-up Prevention
  • Professional Email Receipt and POP Mail System Support / IMAP
  • Ability to read RSS / Atom feeds
  • Ability to apply custom settings for each site
  • Preview pages by holding the mouse over tabs
  • Reduce overload on system memory
  • Supports downloading files larger than 1 GB
  • Possibility Using Opera Website to Increase Security and Prevent Spyware
  • Using Tabbed Browsing Technology View Five Paths in a window
  • FTP PASV bug fixes
  • Nice and different skins
  • Keeping passwords in high security environment - Opera command prompt and executable
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Speed ​​up application opening
  • Reduce memory overhead System
  • Improved support for web standards
  • Voice-driven application support - Ability to download files up to 1 GB
  • Speed ​​Dail feature for quick access to popular web pages
  • Quick Find for faster download Web pages with its content capabilities


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