How to set Google Chrome to automatically open up and in full screen

25 December 2020, 11:11 pm by antelove19


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After realising that --kiosk mode just would not work at all for me on my tablet, I managed to find a workaround solution by combining these 3 steps.

STEP 1 (how to open Chrome in full screen)

  • Right click (or tap and hold on tablet) on the Google Chrome icon from my desktop
  • Select Properties
  • Select Shortcut tab
  • In Target box, change path to say "C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --start-fullscreen

STEP 2 (how to set the page you want Chrome to automatically open)

  • Go back to desktop and click/tap Chrome icon (which should now open full screen)
  • Tap and hold finger on screen and then tap the X to temporarily exit the full screen (or if you're using a keyboard, press F11)
  • Select the 3 vertical dots (top right of screen)
  • Select settings
  • Go down to 'On Start-Up' section, check 'Open a specific page or set of pages' and enter the desired website/URL you want Chrome to open

STEP 3 (how to automatically open Chrome on start up)

  • Press the Windows key and R together to open the run dialog (if using a tablet, search for the word 'run')
  • Type in shell:startup and press OK, an explorer window will open up
  • Copy and paste the Chrome icon from your desktop to this window
  • Restart your device and Chrome should automatically launch (after 10 seconds or so) AND display full screen.

Hope this helps someone who suffered the same frustration and hours of wasted time as me! :)

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